Project Overview


  • Logo Design


  • H.Y.P.E.
  • Hartford Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs


  • March 2016

The Idea

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, the Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (H.Y.P.E.) group asked its sponsors to design a promotional logo for their blowout birthday bash in 2016. The winning design was chosen through online voting by H.Y.P.E. members.

The Execution

My thought was to do something lively and 3D; I wanted the logo to be a glimpse of Hartford, and I used the layouts of digital maps as inspiration. To create the “10,” I first constructed a model from paper to establish the structure before making it digitally. I was able to decide how I wanted the letters to appear by manipulating the paper, angles and perspective quickly.

I used a map-like grid to ground the logo. The idea to use silhouettes of Hartford landmarks came to me after trying to use the Travelers Tower as a shadow of the number “1.”

The Result

My logo was selected by my peers to be one of the five designs competing in the final vote.